What is After Halloween Sales

We hand make our props all year long During Off Peak Times ( Nov -June) and On Peak Times ( July -Oct)

We give Discounts During Off Peak Season because

1 Halloween Is Far away and you don’t Have to Display it and we dont have to hire extra help to get it done before Oct 31st

2. We have a Reduced Staff…Meaning 1 person working

3 During Off peak times We slowly work on orders while designing New props for 2021 – Meaning for every 10 new props produced we will start 1-2 orders.

4. During Peek Times we are just working on orders…So new props only can be made during off season times and will

WEATHER PROBLEMS AND COVID  during Off season times..

Off season weather can be Awful at times..Latex And Extreme colds don’t mix

1. latex supplies can get cut off and not ship out..

2. Latex in Solid form can harden and damage during etreme colds

we will suspend all outbound shipments if the Temp is lower then 32 for more then 2 consecutive days

However if you want your props shipped anyway.. A liability clause will have to be signed that you except

all liability and if the props arrive damaged there are no refunds to be given no exceptions.


Last season Most vendors were faced with the biggest challenge ever COVID 19 and the canceling of the National Halloween show in march

BOTH had a HUGE financial impact on Halloween Vendors industry wide.

Most of us didn’t know this was coming in the pipeline in 2020. Due to the losses it made it Extremely Difficult to run any business efficiently. We held our end of the bargain from the After sales 2019 even threw the covid storm. We honored all deals made..  However going Forward into the 2021 season we will make one adjustment  to the Still evolving Situation .

ALL AFTER SALE PROPS WILL BE SHIPPED DURING  MID TO LATE SPRING PENDING THE TRANSWORLD SHOW AND LOCK DOWNS FROM COVID , If the show is canceled in 2021 it can and will have impacts on shipping and staff that will impact your order past spring if the above happens you will get and updated window based on the info we get.  YOU WILL GET YOUR ORDER AND PROPS for 2021. NO MATTER WHAT we proved that in 2020.. However i also want to be clear that there will be possible impacts like SHUTDOWNS that can effect our turn around time. Government shut downs and con conventions that canceling can effect us as it did in 2020..only difference we didn’t know it could have happened in the end of 2019 heading into 2020 . We expect the situation to improve with the Vaccine but putting this out there FYI till the Vaccine is 100 distributed ., These events can happen and we will work around them as we did in 2020 KEY WORD BEST WE CAN…

In review

Your paying a Much Cheaper price on products for your Patience for them to be built during

Reduced staffing times….while we work on New props and the Trans world show.

If we can ship them and the weather is nice and they are done..we will.. if not then it will

Take some time but that’s why your getting the biggest discount of the year.

If you need them shipped faster then the above..Then order during peak full price times

or We can charge you full price during off season times and your props will ship in 4-6 weeks

weather providing.


do to the extreme losses of 2020 from covid

Any or all Immediate need orders are FULL PRICE no DEALS

sorry cant do it in 2020


When you order your prop is going to be chaged US shipping rates..even if you

put your No USA adress.. International shipping is extra and will be calculated at the

time your props are done and boxed.. We will email you for a Payment request

for Additional shipping required for your order

Thank you

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