Life size Dead Animal props

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White Goat Head

Life Size Severed Goat Head

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Life size bloody goat head prop. Latex and foam filled. Comes with white fur and teeth.

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Pork Chop Pig Head

Life Size Cut Off Bloody Pig Head

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PORK CHOP is 22 "LONG by 17 " WIDE. ONE BIG PIG!!!!! Can be used indoors or outdoors. Inspired by many gory horror movies- this prop is great for chainsaw, butcher or killer rooms in a haunted attraction. Bloody, chucks of pork, gouged out eyeballs and more, it's made with realism in mind!!

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Peeled Possum

Life Size Peeled Possum Prop

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Peeled Possum prop, hangs over 2 1/2 feet tall.
Tail and legs are adjustable. Latex, fur, and AB foam.

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Skinned Squirrel

Life Size Skinned Squirrel Prop

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Bloody and disgusting!
Hang this critter from your tree!
It's made with realism in mind!!


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Butcher Hook Goat Head

Life Size Goat Head On Butcher Hook

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Hangs with metal hook in head.
Latex and foam filled.

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New 2019 Halloween Prop Skinned bloody Grizzly Bear Head

Life size bear Head Skinned and bloody large prop

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New 2019 Halloween props Creepy Cemetery kids collection

You get all the creepy cemetery kids in this collection.. Cat , dog , Bunny, Mouse comes in different heights to display Various ages ...

Foam filled bodies , Latex heads and masks

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