The Walking dead and Universal Studios Horror nights 2012 have a creepy twsit.

This season  Universal Horror nights will be based on Silent Hill and AMC’s The walking Dead 
and we sent Haunted House props for both haunted houses. We are very honored to have props 
at this year’s events. and only hope they do there jobs to the fullest scaring the hell 
out of you as you walk into there extreme haunted attractions. We put tons of effort 
into detailing these items and cant wait to see them how there used. 
Horror nights is one of the Best Scream parks in the USA and even 
in Singapore which we also have lots of creepy props heading to oversea’s 
So if your looking for some walking dead zombies to encounter then please 
make your way to horror nights this season. 
Also we will be releasing two Special Edition Zombie Props for the up coming 
Launch of this years walking dead season 3. these will be two new limited 
Zombies that we have not yet been seen by anyone. Right 
in time for This years Halloween season. 
These zombie props will be released for sale on Sept 14th for sale 
once the props run out that is it. these are new designs for 2013 
and we will be showing 2 of them to you.
Labor Day Weekend will will show these two new zombie creations to you 
on facebook and on our website 

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