Horror House Animatronics for Funfairs

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  • Posted : May 2nd, 2012

No funfair is complete without the thrills and chills of a horror house. Animatronics bring creepy figures such as zombies and crazy clowns to life. A life-size model which moves will scare the daylights out of fair-goers and will have them talking – this is the best kind of advertising; word of mouth. Some designs require air compressors, but these can be ordered online and can be connected up to systems easily.
Choosing Horror House Animatronics
Depending on the age group your installation will be aimed at, you will probably prefer different horror house animatronics. A design which has plenty of blood and gore will be overwhelming for younger visitors, but there are plenty of frightening options for younger teens. A deluxe pop-up clown that bursts out of a barrel will make passersby scream. A system which also makes creepy noises is the full package. In addition to moving and whirling zombies and other ghoulish animated props, you can order decorative accessories via www.creepycollection.com.

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