Haunted House Animatronics Make Popular Attractions

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  • Posted : May 1st, 2012

The sole purpose of buying a ticket to a creepy funfair or theme park attraction is to experience the rush of adrenaline when you receive an eye-popping fright. Haunted house animatronics are essential for setting up a spooky mansion or nightmarish bunker. Nightmarish zombies which are life-sized, which spring out suddenly, can be positioned behind doors and in darkened corners, so that unsuspecting visitors receive plenty of thrills for their money.
Setting up Haunted House Animatronics
In order to set up haunted house animatronics, you are likely to need an air compressor, as this is what powers most recent models. A design which has a quick connect outlet is fairly easy to hook up. There are also models which do not require air compressors, but these are in the minority. Some designs can only be triggered using in-built or separate control systems, while others have motion sensors which enable them to ‘react’ to passersby in real-time. Gross-out blood-spattered props and other decorative accessories can be ordered via www.creepycollection.com

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