What is Animatronics?

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  • Posted : April 26th, 2012

In movies, theme parks and haunted houses, robots designed to appear lifelike and move in a non-robotic way are examples of animatronics. Animated models use a complex combination of mechanical, electrical, software and computer engineering. The technology used in designs has advanced over the years, so that movements are smoother and more convincing. Many haunted house attractions are able to terrify visitors far more effectively than in previous decades, and the latest props make much older systems look dated.
Animatronics for Horror Parties
A horror-themed party is nothing without atmospheric props and decorations. Animatronics provide continuous frights, and zombie dogs which leap out at guests can be positioned strategically, for maximum effect. Creepy sitting clowns which rock from side to side and laugh can be bought, along with ‘living’ dolls which are equipped with motion sensors. Most animatronics are powered by air compression, thus you may need to buy an air compressor along with your props. Find moving zombies and clowns which include sound and control systems at www.creepycollection.com.

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