Give Friends a Scare with Moving Halloween Props

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  • Posted : April 27th, 2012

Anyone who has watched iconic horror movies will know how effective good make-up and fake blood can be in creating creepy zombies. You can have a moving zombie in your own house when you next throw an end-of-October party. Moving Halloween props such as zombie clowns which jump out of barrels provide a great way to give guests a fright as they enter, but if you want something cheaper and easier to store away, there are also real-looking skins and other items that produce an eerie atmosphere.
Finding Halloween Props to Complete an Outfit
If you have an All Hallows’ Evening party you attend each year and you want to prepare your outfit in advance, you can find a range of props online, from sledge hammers to spine-chilling clowns’ heads. Pair these with a little creepy make-up, a few painted streaks of blood, and you’re good to go. Props and costumes are also great for horror conventions and flash mob events. A range of lifelike items can be obtained via

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