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  • Posted : August 15th, 2012

Hello All,

Happy Haunted Halloween Season.

We are taking this time to Talk Whats Hot with Haunted House Props in 2012 for the upcoming
Halloween Season. Over the years Halloween Props have changed. People no longer want fake
looking Halloween Props for there events, Haunted Houses or there home. The better and more
life like they look with great detail the more they are in demand. We at creepycollection props
take great time in doing that. Making props Look real with Tons of Detail.

So lets start on That What’s Hot List for 2012 Haunted House Props

1 – Zombies

Best zombie props 2012 haunted house props halloween props
A zombie female prop we made of a haunt

 Either its The Pending 2012 Apocalypse or the Walking Dead or bath salts either way
zombies are all the rage this season again. We at creepycollection.com have been rated #1
in the Haunted House Industry 2 years in a row for having the best Zombie Props in the
Enitre Haunted House Prop Making Industry. An honor we take seriously and plan on
retaining in 2013. we have so many zombies and styles we have named our line the Zombie Horde

2-  Crazy  Creepy Clowns

new 2012 haunted house props clowns

  So its no Surprise that clowns are scary second on the List of Whats Hot in Haunted House
Props 2012. These guys have been scaring people for quite some time. In fact people’s fear of
clowns are second only to death. Um that Is Pretty Scary stuff.

3 – Medical Mishaps

Silent Hill Halloween Props

  So We decided that Medical Should be Represented in the Haunted House industry and
It was a decision that paid off. People embraced the line and just like our frozen Props we
probably will see lots of copy cat props in 2013. However we at creepycollection can make a bold
statement. our next season’s medical line will not be out done by anyone. we felt that
there were so many haunted house hospitals, morgues , insane asylums and they had no props
that could fit there haunts. They would have to buy a bloody prop and make it to what they wanted
Now because of creepycollection they have options.

So if your Doing A Haunted house This season these are the Hottest Selling Lines
We have at this time.

For More Info on Haunted House props
Please Visit Our Site at http://www.creepycollection.com

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