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Voted Best Halloween Prop 2010 & 2011

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Body Bags

Life Size Body Bag Props and Bodies, Halloween, Haunted House Props, Bloody Props,

Body Bag Room Pro Grade 6


6 Bodies in Bags


3 female

3 males

Like Above

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Package Includes:

♦ 8 Blowup body bags*

* = Your choice of skintone: "Bloody" or "Dead Gray"

Please Email For Shipping Quote.

Price: $3,599.99
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Bagged Beauty

Life Size Bagged Beauty Corpse

Additional DescriptionMore Details

This life size and incredibly detailed corpse comes displayed in body bag.

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Hanging Dead John Doe

Life size hanging dead john doe prop

Additional DescriptionMore Details

This prop has a whole lot of detail for very little out of pocket !
this prop can be used in any Top haunted house or in from of your home
Hangs 7 1/2 feet. Full of Blood !
Light weight and folds up for storage

Creepycollection.com- Dead John Doe Haunted House Halloween Prop: Life size hanging haunted house prop, Dead John Doe only 199.99
creepycollection.com - Haunted House Props Dead JOHN DOE LIFESIZE: Life size hanging haunted house prop, Dead John Doe only 199.99

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Deadly Deals 6ft Bloody Body Bags


That's right you get a FULL 6ft body in a Bloody Body Bag 174.99

The detail is as good as any $500.00 body bag out there.

Head is latex and foam filled. Neck is foam filled for extra support. body is light weight fiber filled body.





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